Market Update – September 2020

New Season Fruits

We are waiting with anticipation for the first new season arrivals of Greek Currants, Turkish Sultanas, Turkish Raisins, Turkish Figs and Apricots. Despite a hot summer, weather conditions have been benign so initial qualities look good although this year the berry count for Turkish vine fruit is reported to be smaller than last year. Greece still has a surplus of currants from last year so it had been hoped that prices would fall back but so far this is not the case.
We will be able to offer a full range of Greek Vostizza and Provincial fruit as well as limited quantities of South African Choice Small Currants.

Turkish Raisins

South African Apricots – See new product range

South Africa had an excellent harvest and this year and we have imported a trial quantity of South African Royal Choice Medium Apricots which have a different flavour to the Turkish equivalent and a slightly different more orange appearance. If you would like a sample to try please email

South African Apricots

Australian Sultanas

Our good friends and partners in Australia, Sunbeam Foods have had a difficult year with shortages of water, bush fires and the like. The crop is much reduced with virtually everything being used for the domestic market, but we have received new season arrivals and can confirm that these are as delicious as ever.
We also have new season Australian Lexia Raisins and if you have not tried these before we would recommend you do so as they are a completely different product from Standard Thompson and Choice Raisins with a unique toffee caramelised flavour.

Australian Dried Fruit

Seasonal Dried Fruits

Finally, with Christmas fast approaching, we can confirm that we will be stocking our established Demos brand of packed Dried Figs, Apricots and Eat Me Glove Box Dates as well some new additions this year, Baby Figs, Royal Apricots and Lexia Raisins in special gift packs, which will complement any Christmas cheese board or Christmas table.

Download Christmas Products 2020 Flyer

Turkish Figs

Festive Products