Demos Ciclitira Ltd

Mr Demos CiclitiraGreek Currant PickerDemos Ciclitira Ltd has imported dried fruit for over a century. The origins of the company lie in Greece, and begin with the export of Greek currants. An office was opened in London in the early 1920’s, run by Mr Demos Ciclitira. The present business began in 1926 and was very successful in the pre-war years.

The business continued and prospered after the end of the Second World War, run by Demos’s two sons Dennis and John. The company retained its strong links with the City of London, building its own offices in Leman Street.

The company remains in private ownership and is run by Andrew Ciclitira, who represents the third generation. Demos’s merger with George Harker and Co Ltd in 1998, enables the business to pack products from its own BRC accredited factory. We buy directly from the producing countries worldwide, capitalising on the unique network of suppliers with whom we have built up close relationships over several generations.

Our key strengths lie in our specialist knowledge of the products we handle, and the enthusiasm and energy of our team.

George Harker

Mr George HarkerOld London PremisesGeorge Harker Ltd has provided services to the dried food industry for over 150 years. It was founded in 1826 by George Harker at 27 Martin Lane in London, and was originally a drysalters and stationers operating in dried fish, oil and spices. Later the company extended their interests, becoming specialists in rice, pulses, dried fruit, canned goods, spices, nuts and foreign produce generally. Since then the company has remained remarkably resilient due to dedicated teams of staff. It has survived the Boer War and two World Wars, continuing to do business through the reign of eight monarchs.
After the Second World War there was a considerable change in food trading. Self-service grew extensively so that goods such as dried fruit, nuts and pulses had to be sold individually packaged for the consumer.

George Harker Ltd was able to take advantage of this growth in pre-packaged food as they were already established as packers for customers’ own registered brands. The company grew into the new self-service market.George Harker, Demos’s packing subsidiary in Braintree, Essex, has an exemplary reputation within the packaging and food industry.

The Merger

The merger of Demos and George Harker in 1998 has created a single organisation, capable of supplying top quality packaged dried fruits, cereals and pulses for sale to leading UK retailers and manufacturers.