Sustainable & Ethical Practices

Our commitment to the environment.

The directors and management are committed to minimising the environmental impact of the materials and resources we use and supporting the wellbeing of employees within the supply chain.

Our packing factory in Braintree, George Harker, has undergone modernisation in recent years culminating in a replacement insulted roof, LED lighting and double-glazed windows. Combined, these structural changes have reduced our fuel consumption and related carbon emissions, whilst improving the work environment for our employees.

In conjunction with our packaging suppliers, and modern manufacturing techniques, we are striving to reduce the use of plastic in all our films and can offer recyclable options to our customers.

Although we pride ourselves on our global procurement, we also look closer to home, and where viable endeavour to source British grown crops including quinoa, peas and spelt. Our business is registered on Sedex and we encourage our suppliers across the world to join the organisation to monitor, and ultimately improve working conditions, for the labour force.

Supplier visits enable us to engage with local workers and encourage examples of good welfare.

Paper Packaging

Sustainability is currently a primary focus for many companies with businesses across the board looking at alternative packaging solutions.

Historically we have predominantly packed dried foods into plastic form fill and seal retail packs. However, due to customer demand and a desire to focus on recyclable materials, we have spent time and money to find a paper solution. We have now achieved this and are continuing to look at others ways to expand and improve on our packaging solutions.

We are looking at ways to reduce the amount of plastic we use by adjusting pack sizes, using thinner film and removing resealable tabs. We have looked at various recyclable plastics, and although Polypropylene and Polyethylene are currently recycled in-store, we want to be able to offer packaging which is recyclable atkerbside.

Working with our established suppliers and engineers we have commissioned two bespoke forming tubes, 500g and 1kg, to allow us to pack paper on the machines currently used for plastic. The fittings allow us to pack both pillow and block bottom gable top packs.

We have been working in partnership with Nice Rice to pack sustainably farmed basmati rice in 1kg and 500g paper packs for retail. The focus was to produce a paper recyclable pack which is efficiently packed and cost effective. The paper packets are recyclable at kerbside, making it convenient for the consumer.

We are able to pack rice, grains and beans into the 500g and 1kg paper packs.

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