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  • Dried Fruit Supplier

    Dried Fruit Suppliers

    Suppliers of high quality dried vine and tree fruits from around the world. Source, pack and wholesale.

  • Cereals, Rice & Pulses

    Natural Dried Foods Suppliers

    Extensive range of natural dried produce, including peas, lentils, beans, rice and couscous.

  • George Harker Retail

    George Harker Dried Foods Retail Packs

    Retail packs of dried fruit, cereals, rice and pulses in distinctive George Harker design.

Demos Cicltira

Established since 1926, Demos Ciclitira Ltd is an experienced importer and packager of dried fruit and natural food in the UK. Buying direct from the producing countries, we are key suppliers to manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers throughout the country. The company also represent the world famous Eat Me brand of 'Deglet Nour' dates which are a household name in the UK. Demos also continues its close working relationships with premium producers such as, for Turkish figs and sultanas, Clarke Dried Fruit Ltd, for Greek currants, Union Vostizza and, for Turkish sultanas, Taris.

George Harker

We have our own BRC accredited factory George Harker & Co. in Braintree, Essex, where we mix, clean, chop and package dried fruit and natural foods to specific requirements either by hand or machine. The sales and logistics departments aim to provide complete category management for our customers. In addition to this we are organically certified and a key member of the national dried fruit trade association (NDFTA).

Demos Ciclitira Ltd / George Harker & Co - Established UK dried fruit and dried food suppliers.

New Season Fruits Australian Dried Fruits Own Label and Wholesale production of Dried Fruits and Dried Foods

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