Most raisins are dried from the white seedless grape, Vitis Vinifera, of which with Thompson Seedless cultivar is the most common. Thompson was an English gardener who took his vines to the USA. The USA is now by far the largest producer in the world of seedless raisins and these are grown in the San Joaquin valley of central California. Grapes are either hand or mechanically picked and laid in rows in the vineyards to dry in the sunshine for between 2-3 weeks. This grape when dried becomes naturally seedless and naturally sun dried. Raisins do come from the same grape as the sultana but the drying method is different and more concentrated creating the familiar ‘crinkled’ appearance of a raisin.

The products we offer include:


  • Turkish Thomson seedless raisins
  • South African Thomson seedless
  • Californian Select
  • Golden raisins
  • Australian Lexia
  • Chilean flame raisins