The date palm, on which dates grow, is thought to originate from the North African deserts. The fruit grown in rich red to golden bunches that weigh up to 20lbs each containing up to 200 dates. There are usually 12-15 bunches per tree and both female and male date palms flower at the end of February. The flower of the male tree is sweet and is eaten locally as bread. That of the female is bitter, but it is only the female flower that bears fruit. Dates are classified into three types; soft, semi-soft and dried, according to the softness of the fruit. The most common variety available is deglet nour which is semi-soft.

The products we offer include:

  • Deglet Nour (pitted or un-pitted, natural or glucose dresses)
  • Medjool (pitted or un-pitted) (California/Israel)
  • Chopped dates