Dried figs are thought to be one of the first fruits cultivated and originate from Asia Minor. Turkey is the major producer of dried figs and the soil and climate produce the finest dried figs in the world. There are both male and female fig trees and in order for caprification to take place a wasp has to fertilise the female fig and crawls inside the fruit. The different varieties of figs range in colour from nearly black to almost white and only the female fruits are edible. The green varieties are normally reserved for drying.

The products we offer include:


  • Natural figs (Turkey)
  • Baby figs (Spain)
  • Lerida figs (Turkey)
  • Pre-packed Garland, Layer and pulled figs (Turkey)
  • Fig paste (Turkey & California)
  • Chopped figs (Turkey)
  • Organic figs
  • Tiny figs (Spain)