Our Services

Based in Braintree, Essex, George Harker is an established packer of grains, pulses and dried fruits. The factory has been BRC accredited for over 10 years and is also an organic approved site. Our aim is to pack dried foods for retail, wholesale and private own label to the best standards for the most competitive price.

  • Packing

    Our bulk packs range from 15kg to 8kg in poly-lined corrugated cartons. We can label and palletise to required weight and configuration, and have storage facilities on site until the goods are delivered or collected. We also offer a re-boxing and labeling service if required.

    We currently pack for several leading UK retailers and wholesalers. Packs range in size from 2kg to 50g and are in pre-printed film. We generally offer two styles; a pillow pack, or a block bottom roll top in 500g and 1kg. For wholesalers we can form pillow packs with an applied label to hold up to 5kg in weight.

    For individual bespoke work we have a hand packing area which weighs and packs product by hand into punnets or pre-formed bags. We have long working relationships with our packaging suppliers and are able to source packaging for your requirements.

  • Cleaning

    We are able to re-clean dried fruit using Burgess fruit washers which wash the fruit with potable water and remove debris and stones. The fruit is then visually inspected to remove any further stalks and foreign matter, so that the final product conforms to the customer’s specification.


    We have the ability to blend different types of fruit using our washing process. However, if the fruit does not need to be washed, it can be mixed on vibrating tables. We also mix pulses and freeze dried products for cereal and manufacturing customers.

    Random samples are checked throughout production to ensure that the breakdown of ingredients in the mix is correct.

  • Chopping

    We can chop a variety of dried fruits, and apply rice flour if required to keep the fruit free flowing, using an Urschel chopping machine. We also visually inspect product and remove foreign material by hand if required.

  • Storage

    We have the capability to unload and palletise containers and can store approximately 300 pallets in our warehouse. We have approximately 15,000 square foot for storage, and although we are a nut free site, have allergen and organic segregation for both raw material and packed product.

Quality Control

All the products we pack are quality controlled. This includes a visual inspection on incoming raw material and pack checks according to our customer’s specification. We also retain samples in order to monitor the quality and life of each product. All products at George Harker have full traceability. Samples can be sent to an accredited laboratory on your behalf to carry out chemical testing if required. We offer our quality control services to external companies who may require product to be checked for defects and have individual tests such as moisture levels carried out.

If you are interested in the above services, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Inspecting and Sorting